JAHANPARS is a leading, privately held General Contractor with an exemplary track record of more than half a century, specializing in engineering, procurement, construction and manufacturing for the oil, gas and petrochemical industries and for infrastructure, industrial and building works.

JAHANPARS has brought into successful production / completed major oil, gas and petrochemical as well as infrastructure, industrial and building projects as per committed schedules by deploying competent personnel for their uninterrupted execution and with a constant focus on consistently improving project delivery to enhance quality and customer satisfaction.

JAHANPARS is dedicated to ensuring the safety and health of its personnel  and uses a comprehensive regulatory framework for work place health and safety (comprising health and safety regulations, provision of exercise facilities, medical check-ups, health camps, etc.) thereby safeguarding its personnel from accidents and promoting, as well as keeping a regular check, on their health and well being.

JAHANPARS as an integrated engineering, procurement, contracting and manufacturing entity undertakes  comprehensive responsibility for projects and thus delivers an integrated service  for  implementing turnkey projects as per committed schedules and with a focus on quality and customer satisfaction.